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Elektrisch Kettensägen DEC-1646N

Product features
  • self-lubrication
  • oil level indicator
  • metal teeth to rest
  • against the workpiece
  • wrench
  • oil
  • file
  • Eigenschaften
  • Verpackung
  • Dokumentation
Nennspannung 230
Nennaufnahme 1600 W
Leerlaufdrehzahl 7600 U/min
Kettengeschwindigkeit 13,5
Schwertlänge 405
Ölmengenanzeige +
Einschalt-Sicherheitssperre +
Ölmengenanzeige +
Maschinengewicht 4,2 kg
Maße (L x B x H) 500 x 180 x 245 mm
Bruttogewicht 5,15 kg
Anzahl im Umkarton 2
Barcode 4260258291858
Zertifikat ;
Bedienungsanleitung ansicht pdf
Explosionszeichnung ansicht pdf


Lightweight and compact electric chain saw Defort DEC-1646N is perfect for use in the suburb or at home. Trim branches, cut down a dead tree or cut unnecessary boxes - all these tasks easily can be achieved by this saw. Chain length of 405 mm allows cutting even large diameter logs and boards. Automatic lubrication of the chain does not let it overheat the oil level can be checked in the window provided. To protect against "reverse" on the saw arm is provided with instant brake. "Return" - a sharp jump the saw up, this happens when the chain biting. Chain brake, when triggered, stops the chain in 0.15 seconds and prevents accidents. To work more effectively on the front of the blade has a metal fence. If the distance on your plot is not so big and everywhere there is electricity, there is no reason to overpay for gasoline chainsaw easier to acquire electricity. In the private sector, where there is a need to cut wood, not only in the region but also in the forest, and it is best to have a petrol and electric chain saw.

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