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Autokompressor DCC-265-Lt

Product features
  • high performance
  • extremely high
  • performance
  • metal fi tting
  • autostop function
    to prevent overload
  • working lamp
  • emergency light

  • 3 valve adapter
  • transport and
    storage bag
  • cable with plug for
    12 V car power outlet
  • air hose with
    fast-acting valve
  • Eigenschaften
  • Verpackung
  • Dokumentation
Akku-Spannung 12
Stromstärke 15 A
Maximaler Zulaufdruck 10 bar
Ausbringung 35 l\min
Netzkabel Länge 2,8 m
Maschinengewicht 2,3 kg
Maße (L x B x H) 225 x 115 x 180 mm
Bruttogewicht 2,47 kg
Anzahl im Umkarton 6
Barcode 4260258299779
Zertifikat ;
Bedienungsanleitung ansicht pdf


One of the most powerful air compressor in its class. Maximum pressure of 10 bar and a 35 liter capacity is enough to handle SUV tires. An additional advantage over all other compressors is the built-in flashlight because tires often needs inflating in the dark. Handy flashlight for outdoor driving or picnic. Metal housing of the air compressor allows the engine and internal mechanisms to stay cool. Air compressor hose supplied with sturdy metal threaded air valve . The kit includes a nozzle for pumping balls, mattresses, pools and convenient storage bag for the air compressor Defort DCC- 265 -Lt.

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