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Autokompressor DCC-255

Product features
  • high performance
  • plug for 12 V car
  • power outlet
  • built-in manometer
  • 3 valve adapter
  • transport and
    storage bag
  • cable with plug for
    12 V car power outlet
  • air hose with
    fast-acting valve
  • Eigenschaften
  • Verpackung
  • Dokumentation
Akku-Spannung 12
Stromstärke 14 A
Nennaufnahme 150 W
Maximaler Zulaufdruck 7 bar
Ausbringung 25 l\min
Netzkabel Länge 2,8 m
Maschinengewicht 1,6 kg
Maße (L x B x H) 197 x 108 x 170 mm
Bruttogewicht 2 kg
Anzahl im Umkarton 8
Barcode 4260258299762
Zertifikat ;
Bedienungsanleitung ansicht pdf


Compact and convenient air compressor for inflating automobile tires. Powerful Engine with maximum outlet pressure of 7 bar is enough to inflate even large diameter tires . For easy carrying and for protection of built-in manometer/pressure gauge a metal bracket is added on top of the air compressor. Pump legs have anti-vibration inserts which eliminates vibration and extra noise. Air hose is equipped with a sturdy metal screw valve. The kit includes a needle to inflate balls and two plastic nozzles for inflating mattresses, children's toys, swimming pools and etc. As an additional bonus this stylish air compressor comes with a bag for convenient storage and to carry.

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