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Autokompressoren DCC-251N

Product features
  • plug for 12 V car power outlet
  • built-in manometer, for
    inflating tyres, balls, air beds etc.
  • storage space for valve adapters
  • air hose and car plug
  • 3 valve adapter
  • cable with plug for 12 V
  • car power outlet
  • air hose with fast-acting valve
  • Eigenschaften
  • Verpackung
  • Dokumentation
Akku-Spannung 12
Stromstärke 5 A
Nennaufnahme 60 W
Maximaler Zulaufdruck 7 bar
Ausbringung 12 l\min
Netzkabel Länge 2,8 m
Maschinengewicht 0,7 kg
Maße (L x B x H) 180 х 90 х 160 mm
Bruttogewicht 0,78 kg
Anzahl im Umkarton 20
Barcode 4260123728328
Zertifikat ;
Bedienungsanleitung ansicht pdf
Explosionszeichnung ansicht pdf


Inexpensive and compact
Compact and inexpensive air compressor for tires. The air hose is equipped with quick connect valve and when done the hose retracts into the casing. Enough cord length to reach every corner of the car, the cord can also be wounded on the compressor housing. The kit includes three adapters for inflating balls, mattresses, swimming pools and other similar products. Maximum pressure of 7 bar is enough to pump even large-diameter tires. Equipped with manometer/pressure gauge to control the pressure on the pump. This compact compressor does not take up much space in the car and will not get in your way with the wires and hoses.

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