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Autobatterie Ladegerät DBC-12С

Product features
  • сonnect the cigarette lighter
  • battery recharge in 10 minutes
  • ultra-bright flashlight
  • input sockets
  • 12 V socket
  • Eigenschaften
  • Verpackung
  • Dokumentation
Maschinengewicht 2,5 kg
Maße (L x B x H) 230 x 90 x217 mm
Bruttogewicht 3,48 kg
Anzahl im Umkarton 4
Barcode 4260258294002
Zertifikat ;
Bedienungsanleitung ansicht pdf
Explosionszeichnung ansicht pdf


Even a good battery can fail the motorist due to rapid temperature changes when the differences are sharp and significant. Sometimes the temperature drops to 20 ° C per day. It's not fun to stand in the cold morning with a tow rope or with cables and ask someone for a "jump", what you need is a car charger device Defort DBC-12C. With this device, you can charge the battery without even opening the hood. Simply plug in the device to the cigarette lighter and wait 10 minutes. This is enough to revive the battery which has run down. Defort DBC-12C has a built-in bright flashlight that can provide light for more than 24 hours, this charger comes with a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 5 A/h.

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