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Magic Juicer Defort DSJ-200

Auger juicer Defort - healthy fresh juices by method of cold press extraction. Silent operation, juice does not separate and does not oxidize. In auger juicer practically no friction and no heating of the product. Due to the low rate of the screw rotation and completely without blowing, that almost eliminates oxidation. A distinctive feature of the auger juicers DSJ-200 is a full taste and high quality juice, keeping a larger quantity of “live” vitamins and minerals. The juice does not separate and does not oxidize. The juice obtained homogeneous, no sediment, solid and most importantly, keeps all nutrients.

Brand: Defort

Category: Home appliances

Group: Juicers

Model: DSJ-200

Duration: 1.11 min


Juice container volume: 600 ml

Weight: 1,49 kg

Product features:

- Extruder from the Japanese medical steel

- TDetails made of DuPont special food plastic

- Does not require electric supply

- Easy to clean

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